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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 (9:55 am)

SG Madness.

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Charles Roop/Alligator

By Charles E. Roop

Well, the Student Government elections here at UF are up and running. Tuesday was day one and with today being the last day and polls closing at 8 p.m., some of the candidates will be biting their nails trying to get students who have not voted to sway their way. After the polls close, there will be a waiting game at the Orange and Brew for the results to be released at midnight.

It will be a long night not only for SG candidates, but for the Alligator staff as well. Alligator staff members, as well as myself, will be at the Orange and Brew tonight taking photos and blogging. After 9 p.m., check out the page for the latest from the following address:

I’ll be in touch.


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